10-14 Ford Raptor Dynotech Aluminum Driveshaft

  • VENDOR: Dynotech

  • PART #: Dynotech-Raptordriveshaft

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Whether you’re driving a high-performance racing vehicle or your favorite muscle car, Dynotech Engineering Services knows the importance of a great driveshaft. Their custom-made driveshafts are hand assembled, computer welded and high-speed balanced to peak industry standards, ensuring a quality, long-lasting product.

With decades of experience building custom driveshafts, they have the knowledge to fit most vehicles. From muscle cars to four-wheel driveshafts, Dynotech have you covered with their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Dynotech's custom driveshafts are guaranteed vibration-free, and they stand by their work 100 percent.


  • Hand built with 60661-T6 .125 wall tubes / OEM shaft with .083 wall tube on a production line.
  • High speed balanced at minimum of 5,000 rpm to less than .25 oz/in which is 1/3rd the OEM spec and production shafts are balance at 3,200 rpm.
  • Tube run out and u-joint clearance is also half to 1/3rd of normal OEM spec.
  • Dynotech shafts are manufactured and balanced in Michigan using Dana Spicer high quality components.