Carli Suspension

09-17 Dodge 1500 2.0 Commuter System

  • VENDOR: Carli Suspension

  • PART #: CS-RAM15C20

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Designed and tuned for the truck that spends its life on road with occasional dirt trails, this custom shock project was intensely focused on delivering a comfortable in-town ride and smoothing the freeway’s all while improving vehicle control for light off-road adventures. FOX IFP Pintop shocks feature extruded aluminum bodies for lasting finish and corrosion resistance. Lifting and leveling your truck doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice ride quality for the look you are after; a Commuter system will net you the added height while increasing ride quality and control. Lift height is 2″ in the front, 1/4″ in the rear which will net you 10″ of travel in the front and 13″ in the rear.
CS-DEL-R-14 Rear End Links
CS-RAM15PRBDROP Rear Track Bar Drop
CS-RMA15MRC-14-R Rear Multi-rate Coil Springs
CS-RAM15C20SPKG Carli Tuned Fox 2.0 IFP Coilover, and Rear Fox 2.0 IFP Shocks

Wheel Fitment:

Carli recommends an 8.5″ Wide wheel with 4.5″ Backspace be utilized with a 33″ tire for best fitment and minimal trimming. Customers most commonly run 4.5″-4.75″ Backspace wheels with 35″ Tires requiring more trimming. If running Carli Control arms, 4.5″ Backspace is strongly recommended.