Total Chaos Fabrication

07-17 Toyota Tundra Total Chaos Rear Bump Stop Kit

  • VENDOR: Total Chaos Fabrication

  • PART #: TCF-48723K

    Your PRICE: Regular price $490.43


  • Designed to work with a KING 2.0” stubby adjustable bump stops.
  • Eliminates the factory rubber bump stops that are harsh on bottom outs.
  • Allows for adjustable nitrogen pressures to tune for your specific use and application.
  • Offers adjustability in set up height to work with various thickness rear spring packs.
  • Compact design fits under the bed. No drilling holes in the bed are required.
  • Bolts to factory frame holes. Drilling and grinding are required to remove the rivets.
  • Requires King 2.0" compact threaded bump stops and adjuster nuts.