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'07-Current Toyota Tundra SDHQ Built Dual Battery Wiring Kit

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road

  • PART#: SDHQ-50-3002-U1

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Our #SDHQBUILT Dual Battery Wiring for your 2007-Current Toyota Tundra includes everything you need to wire your SDHQ Dual Battery System. Our wiring kit includes Blue Sea systems 500 Amp, our SDHQ Built Billet Battery Terminals, Premium Cross Linked SAE J-1126-SGX Cables. 


  • Fits 2007-Current Toyota Tundra
  • Includes everything needed to wire your SDHQ Dual Battery Mount System 
  • Blue Sea Systems 500 amp ACR (Auto Charging Relay) with Manual Control 
  • Upgraded HD Billet Accessory Battery Terminals for Main battery to bolt on factory wiring.  
  • Includes (2) 3/8”, (1) 5/16”, and (2) 1/4“ terminations per Terminal. 
  • Upgraded HD Battery Terminals for Secondary Battery. 
  • Premium Cross-Linked SAE J-1127-SGX cables  
    • 2 AWG Main Cables (main to aux battery and to ACR)
    • 4 AWG Second Battery to Frame Ground Upgrade
    • 6 AWG Main Battery to Body Upgrade
    • 6 AWG Aux Battery to Body Upgrade
  • Upgraded ground wires provide better connection between both batteries and Body/Frame grounds.


  • Circuit allows up to 500 Amps continuous draw and 700 Amps for 5 minutes. 
  • Cranking rating of 1450 @ 30 seconds. 
  • Live Current Switching up to 300 amps. 
  • Circuit is designed to auto charge the 2nd battery when the vehicle is running, but isolates the 2nd battery when the vehicle is off. Leaving the second battery for emergency starting. 
  • Manual switch on the circuit allows the batteries to combine or isolate. 
  • Optional Remote switch control and LED output to indicate when the batteries are combined, isolated or in lockout. 
  • Undervoltage lockout below 9.6 Volts. Overvoltage lockout above 16.2 Volts. 


  • Recommended to use 2 new matching AGM or Sealed batteries.
  • Torque Specifications:
    • Torque ¼” - 20 Hardware to 4 ft-lb.
    • Torque 5/16” - 18 Hardware to 8 ft-lb.
    • Torque ⅜” - 16 Hardware to 18 ft-lb.


  • FEATURES: AWG 2, stands for american wire gauge - size 2, or as most refer to it as 2 gauge. 105 C, is the heat rating in degrees Celsius for continuous use. SAE J378C is the marine specification it meets, and J1127 is the automotive specification it meets.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Conductor Size: 6 AWG has 266 strands of copper (30 AWG ea strand, rope lay Class K) with an Outside Diameter of stranded copper at 0.192 inches (nominal) and an overall Outside Diameter of finished cable at 0.390 inches (nominal). The 6 AWG is rated to handle 120 amps continuous outside of engine space (102 amps continuous inside engine space) and weighs 0.189 lbs per foot


  • Toyota Cable Kit
  • Optional Blue Sea ML-ACR
  • SDHQ Battery Terminal Kit
  • SDHQ Accessory Battery Terminal Kit
  • Hardware Kit