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'05-Current Toyota Tacoma Secondary Shock System-Stage 1

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  • PART #: ICON-K53111

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The ICON Vehicle Dynamics S2 Secondary Shock System redefines the off-road capability of the 2005-UP Toyota Tacoma by allowing for the installation of a secondary shock to an existing ICONcoilover setup. The addition of a secondary 2.5 Series or Omega Bypass shock means rougher terrain and larger off-road obstacles can be overcome with confidence as the damping ability of the vehicle’s suspension is effectively doubled. As opposed to overly complicated and expensive long travel kits, the ICON S2 System is an affordable upgrade that drastically increases off-road performance, is easy to install, and has a modular design that allows 2005-UP Toyota Tacoma owners to upgrade in steps or all at once.

The S2 Secondary Shock System utilizes the factory lower control arms and maintains OE track width while a combination of a billet aluminum shock tower adapters, fabricated shock hoops, and steel skidplates (with incorporated shock mounts) make for a straightforward install with the exceptional build quality you would expect from an ICON Vehicle Dynamics product. The system was designed to eliminate the need for any major alteration of the vehicle’s frame or any other factory suspension components, and the components are 100% removable in case the system is to be installed on another vehicle. The modular design of the S2 kit also allows for standalone installation of the skid plates, which provides the added benefit of protecting the factory lower control arms from potential trail damage that can be experienced while off-road.features come at a fraction of the cost of a long-travel setup.

This bolt-on system was developed to significantly enhance the drivability of the Tacoma, 4Runner, or FJ Cruiser in extreme offroad conditions while at the same time eliminating the need for any major alteration of the frame or any other factory suspension components. The combination of a billet aluminum shock tower adapter, fabricated secondary shock hoop, and a steel skidplate with incorporated shock mount make for a straightforward and durable installed product.

The modular aspect of this system allows for modifications to the vehicle to be achieved in stages, so the user can build their vehicle as desired rather than all at once. Multiple secondary shock options also provide even more tuneabity of the system as a whole, as ICON 2.5 Remote Reservoir Shocks, 2.5 Remote Reservoir CDC Valve Shocks, or 2.5 Two-Tube Bypasses may be used to attain any level of performance desired.


• Drastically improves vehicle damping ability off-road
• Increased vehicle stability on-road
• Utilizes factory lower control arms
• Maintains OE track width
• Vehicle-specific tuned secondary shocks provide increased damping and oil volume
• CDC Valve technology allows for quick and easy compression damping adjustment
• Omega Series two-tube bypass allows for compression and rebound damping adjustment
• Shocks are fully rebuildable and revalveable
• "Mostly bolt-on" design makes for straightforward install
• Made in the USA


OEM Wheels & Tires: Yes
Aftermarket Wheels: 8.5" Wide, 4.75" Backspace
Aftermarket Tires: 33 x 11.50
(Larger Tires May Fit but Fender Trimming and Modifications will be Required)


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