Frequently Asked Questions at SDHQ

Thank you for visiting our website. SDHQ is and has been your motorsports headquarters since 1999. Our awesome customers and our passion, pride, and quality have kept us going these last 23 years, and it will be that same mix that will allow us to be here for many more.

If you have a question(s) about placing an order, product lead times, scheduling, or SDHQ's operating procedures. This page will have most if not all of the answers you are looking for.

Contact Info

Due to the huge influx of walk-in customers and calls, there is a good chance that if you call in, our receptionist will have to start a help ticket for you, and the appropriate representative will email or call you back as soon as one frees up.

If you wanted to skip a call in, an email would often get answered quickly, if not faster. Please email us directly at

Contact Info:

Company Info:

190 S McQueen Rd
Ste 109. Gilbert, Arizona 85233

Monday-Friday: 8:00am-5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am-2:00pm
Sunday: Closed


Right now, we are booking 90-120 days for suspension modification, diagnostics, gear, and performance jobs; custom fabrication can book out as far and 1.5 years in advance. If the vehicle was not your daily driver, and we had parts available, you are more than welcome to drop the vehicle off, and we would add it to our filler list of work. So rather than a dedicated install window, our techs would do their best to get your build done when we have open shop time.

When will items be in stock?

Simply put, if you want an item place an order for it.
Here is why:
With current extensive lead times from manufacturers, most products are sold before they land here, so if you are waiting for it to become available on-the-shelf purchase, that may never actually happen. Products that are arriving now that we can put on the shelf or ship out for backorders were placed on PO over a year ago in some cases.

Phone Calls and Help Tickets

Why can no one take my call right now?
Due to the influx of phone calls, we have implemented an online ticketing system to best serve each customer. When you call SDHQ, we will take down your contact information, your vehicle information, and all the questions you have.

After your information is taken down, a ticket will be created, and an email will be sent to you confirming that a ticket has been made. This ticket creation confirmation will provide a brief overview of your question(s). If there is additional information you need to deliver after you receive the ticket confirmation, respond to the ticket confirmation email with your further question or comments.

Why do I have to create a ticket with the receptionist?
We want to help each customer to the best of our ability, and while we have a worldwide footprint, we are at the end of the day a single building filled with 50 enthusiastic employees that are excited to help you with your questions. There are 8 of us in sales, and the reality of the situation is that there are just not enough of us to go around with the number of inquiries we get from walk-in traffic, scheduled jobs, phone calls, emails, text messages, and online orders. So, in this case, we ask us to help us help you; the more information we can gather on the front side from our ticket system, the better we can facilitate your questions and orders.
A task seemingly simple as a stock check requires a physical person to put hands on the item due to multiple sales channels. Our inventory system may show something in stock. Still, it may be already allocated to a pending ticket or order that has been partially fulfilled, or it may not show that something is in stock. Still, it arrived, but has not been checked in due to an influx of arriving inventory in the warehouse. In both scenarios, be patient. We want you to get the item you are requesting more than you do! It brings us joy to have the missing puzzle piece that you need to finish your project, get your vehicle back on the road, or start a new modification.
If you create a ticket, our entire sales staff will look at it. If it is an install issue, it allows us to share pictures, videos, and information with the proper department.

Tickets are answered in the order that they are received, and while we try to make sure that we get back to you as soon as possible, it might take up to 72 hours.

Military and LEO discounts

SDHQ Military Discounts
Thank you for your interest in SDHQ Motorsports and our current discount programs. Currently we offer two discount programs, both of which offer a discount to be had by you or the opportunity to pay the discount forward to a few great charities! SDHQ wants to show our respect to ALL Active Duty Members, Reserves, AND Veterans who have served our Country. We are more than happy to provide a discount on qualified products as a way of us showing our gratitude for your service!

SDHQ Law Enforcement Discounts
SDHQ wants to thank all of the law enforcement personal that keep our communities safe. We back the BLUE and are more than happy to give active law enforcement personal a discount on eligible products.

Shipping Info

Missing Package
Please check with your neighbors and or front desk if applicable. Shipping companies can sometimes make mistakes and drop them off at the wrong location. We have also seen packages getting scanned a day or two before actually getting dropped off. If you have checked these locations in a day or two, please let us know, and we will get a claim started with the carrier. When reporting a missing package, please provide the following information:

  • The first and last name that the order is under
  • Your order number
  • The tracking number associated with the shipment

Why am I getting a request for shipping payment after I place my order?
We apologize for any confusion;

These two checkpoints explain the check-out and shipping procedures during the check-out process.

Here is an excerpt from our shipping policy:

You will notice that no shipping charges are shown during your check-out process, no matter what delivery method you choose. We do this to allow you to receive to lowest shipping cost possible. We try to consolidate shipments and use the most efficient shipping method, freight, or UPS ground services to keep the shipping cost down. Our shipping department will determine the shipping charges, and you will be notified of the cost. This is the best way for us to give you the lowest cost.

All offers of free ground shipping only apply to shipping addresses in the continental United States.

 After the shipping costs have been calculated, you will be sent an email with an updated link to your order. Your updated order will include your order's shipping costs and be your original order with the letter "A" at the end. While checking for updates on your order, please add an "A" to the end of your order number, as your order number without the "A" will show canceled since it has been superseded.

Shock Rebuilds

We are happy to help you with your shock rebuild needs. We typically schedule our shock rebuilds for a Wednesday 8 am drop off and depending on the scope of work, we would be looking at a pick-up at the end of the day Thursday. If the shocks need parts that are not standard stocking parts for us, the delivery time could be extended.
If you have us rebuild the front coil-overs on your vehicle, we would always recommend an alignment after the re-installation of the coil-overs. Our alignments run for $149.

To help us better estimate the base cost for you, please let us know the following info:

  • Vehicle year, make, and model
  • What position the shock(s) is that you want to be rebuilt? (Front, rear, secondary etc.)
  • What brand and diameter are the shocks?
  • Do they have remote reservoirs, piggybacks, or a standard emulsion shock?

Wholesale Program

We are accepting applications for our SDHQ Built line of products, which also encompasses a couple of other MFG's in that line, i.e., Switch-Pros & Baja Designs.
If you are interested in becoming a dealer for the SDHQ Built line, please fill out the form, and one of our wholesale team members will follow up with you within five business days.

Customs, Duties and Taxes

Superduty HQ, LLC (SDHQ Motorsports) is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the customer's responsibility (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

Does SDHQ offer any sponsorship opportunities?

Currently, we do not offer any sort of sponsorship. Nevertheless, we are happy to help you with your build by getting your parts and answering any questions you may have!

Use #SDHQBuilt, #SDHQ or tag us to be featured on our social media.