SDHQ Off Road

3/4" Race Style Chromoly Bung-1.50"x .120 Wall-16 LH/RH

  • VENDOR: SDHQ Off Road
  • PART#: SDHQ-750TBRL1250
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3/4"-16 Thread Pitch LH/RH 1.50" X 0.120 Wall Stepped Race Style Bung.

Machined from solid 4130 Chromoly, these tube adapters are designed with maximum strength in mind. A majority of the tube adapters fits inside the tubing, allowing a seamless uniform look to the end of your linkage, while increasing strength. To combat the effects of warping from welding, nearly one inch at the end of the adapter is unthreaded, while leaving enough threads to fit most common rod ends and a jam nut. The tube adapter is extra long, measuring 1.875" or 1.75" in overall length, adding greatly to the overall strength. These tube adapters are perfect for use with .120 wall Chromoly tubing commonly used in prerunners, dune buggies, and race cars.