ARB Air Compressor Switch Wiring Harness Extension

  • PART#: ARB-180427
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $16.69


Mounting air compressors in modern day vehicles has become more of a challenge as engine bay configurations in today’s vehicles don’t necessarily allow sufficient room for any additional accessories.

As a result, we see air compressors mounted in many different locations both internally and externally of the vehicle. To accommodate these installation locations, ARB has introduced an engineered, reliable, and quality 9’10” wiring harness extension for your ARB Air Compressor harness. The harness extension allows you to extend the wiring switch portion of the harness of either a CKMTA (twin), CKMA (single), or CKSA (locker) Air Compressor up to 9’10” to a suitable location. A suitable extended power source will still be required.

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