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S&B Helmet Particle Separator - 76-6001

  • VENDOR: S&B Filters
  • PART#: 76-6001
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HP1445-01 - Kawasaki Teryx and Honda Talon installations require a 1.5" diameter bar mount.

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S&B's Helmet Particle Separator:

With no filter to clog, start and end your ride with the same great airflow. Based on technology used by the military, S&B's helmet air pumper system removes 99.36% of the dust without a filter to provide you with consistent airflow throughout your ride.

Plus, everything you need for RZR, X3 and Wild Cat installations now comes all in one box. Here's what you get:

  • (1) Helmet Particle Separator Assembly
  • (2) 6' Flexible Pumper Hoses
  • (4) Bar Mount Kits (1.75", 1.85", 2" and 2.5")
  • (3) Hose Hanger Mount Kits (1.75", 1.85", 2")

TECH NOTE: Kawasaki Teryx and Honda Talon installations require a 1.5" diameter bar mount.


  • AMP DRAW: 9.3 AMPS at max speed
  • VARIABLE SPEED CONTROLLER: S&B's Helmet Particle Separator comes standard with a variable speed controller giving you precise control over the amount of cool clean air entering your helmet.
  • FRESH AIR FOR 2 HELMETS: With dual port outlets, you can feed fresh air to two helmets. Riding solo? The Helmet Particle separator comes with rubber caps integrated into the system to prevent loss and seal the unused outlet. Helmets not included!
  • EFFICIENCY RATE : Even without a traditional filter, S&B's Helmet Particle Separator maintains a high efficiency rate in order to keep clean air pumping into your helmet. ISO Coarse Dust was utilized for testing in a climate controlled laboratory with one (1) 6-ft hose attached.

S&B Helmet Particle Separator - 76-6001


With conventional helmet blowers, you start the day or race with good airflow, but throughout the day, the filter starts to clog and choke off the airflow to your helmet right when you need it most. With S&B’s Helmet Particle Separator, you get the same great airflow to your helmet all the time as there is no filter to clog.

That’s right, the Helmet Particle Separator removes 99.36% of the dust without even having a filter. Using the same technology used by military helicopters to land in the desert, the vortexes spin the air throwing the dust particles to the side wall of the vortexes where it is ejected by the scavenge fan.

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