Oasis Manufacturing

Oasis provides personalized, technical expertise to assist you in selecting the right system for your application. Whether you are a four-wheeler... use air suspension for custom street vehicles... or need an air system for commercial service vehicle use... Oasis is your one-stop provider for compressed air.

Oasis Manufacturing | Air Compressors

At Oasis Manufacturing, they offer a variety of high-quality DC air compressors that will help you meet your unique project goals. Oasis offers both 12 volt (12v) DC air compressors and 24 volt (24v) DC air compressors.

Oasis Manufacturing | Mounting Packages and Accessories

Oasis Manufacturing can accommodate a wide range of air compressor needs. Our selection includes Oasis synthetic diester air compressor oil, Oasis performance air compressor filters, Odyssey air compressor batteries, auxiliary air compressor battery mounting brackets, Oasis air compressor fitting brackets, Oasis tire gauges, and air compressor pressure switches.