'21-Current Ram 1500 TRX EBC Yellowstuff-Front Brake Pads

  • PART#: EBC-DP43094R
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EBC's Yellow Stuff Front Brake Pads for the 2021-Current Ram TRX deliver great stopping power, improving brake effect by up to 15%. They are ECE Brake safety tested, so they work perfectly from cold and self seat after installation due to their applied Brake-In™ surface coating.

All EBC Yellowstuff pads feature the Nucap NRS technology that creates a permanent bond with the friction material, offering you quieter, longer-lasting brake pads.


  • Vehicle Fitment: 2021-Current Ram TRX
  • Brake Pad Position: Front
  • Caliper Type: OEM


  • Designed to provide an optimum combination for street use
  • Unique composition allows high braking friction when brakes are cold
  • Features a cold friction rating of 0.5
  • Backing plate and side edges of brake pad are yellow powder coated for resistance to corrosion
  • Pad surfaces have chamfered edges to reduce contact against rotor lip that forms over time and causes squealing
  • Center gap allows for proper heat expansion of brake pads
  • Built-in noise-reducing shims
  • 0.48 stable friction once bedded
  • Strong initial bite, work from cold
  • Zero rotor damage
  • Short to medium race lifetime
  • Copper free for ECO compliance
  • Provides equivalent performance to GG-rated brake pads
  • Patented Brake-In™ red pad surface coating provides better grip during the first 100 miles after new pads are installed
  • Patented Brake-In™ red pad surface coating scours off any existing glaze or heat spots from brake rotor surface for more even surface mating
  • Sold as a set for two wheels