Billet Spanner Wrench-All Icon Coilover Shocks

Icon Vehicle Dynamics

Billet Spanner Wrench-All Icon Coilover Shocks

  • VENDOR: Icon Vehicle Dynamics
  • PART#: ICON-198001
  • MSRP: Regular price $136.45
  • YOUR PRICE: $129.95


In an effort to provide both enthusiasts and professionals with a tool that will withstand the test of time, ICON developed this spanner wrench that incorporates several unique features to make it a useful addition to any home garage, auto shop, or trail-tailored tool bag.


  • Features extra 3/8” dowel at end of spanner handle for limited clearance applications
  • Includes magnetically-attached 5/32" allen key for collar set screw
  • Laser marked measurement guides for precise adjustment of preload
  • Magnetic back allows for convenient storage
  • Built-in bottle opener for access to a wide range of celebratory beverages


  • Do not adjust preload beyond ICON-specified measurement of exposed threads (refer to shock instructions for recommended measurement)


These features include two 3/8" dowels - one on the end of a hook for convenient leverage against the adjuster nut and one straight for easy access in limited clearance applications. A 5/32" allen wrench is magnetically attached to the back of the handle for quick adjustment of coil adjuster set screw without multiple trips back & forth to the toolbox. ICON engineers even included several handy measurement markings on this tool to allow for on-the-spot measurement of preload, again cutting down time spent on the adjustment process and eliminating the need for a separate measuring device. When preload has been adjusted and the process comes to a close, ICON has your back with a built-in bottle opener that will grant you access to your favorite refreshment while utilizing the magnetic back of this tool for convenient and secure storage on any ferrous surface.