Icon Vehicle Dynamics

ICON Nitrogen Charge Port Needle Fill Tool

  • VENDOR: Icon Vehicle Dynamics
  • PART#: ICON-252004
  • MSRP: Regular price $29.95
  • YOUR PRICE: $25.16


ICON Vehicle Dynamics Nitrogen Charge Port  Needle Fill Tool. This nitrogen fill tool is needed to check or refill the nitrogen charge when servicing ICON 2.0 & 2.5 smooth body shocks, as well as 2.5 non-reservoir coil over shocks. On these shocks we use an in house CNC machined charge port which has a low profile design for clearance. The ICON nitrogen fill tool is required to puncture a rubber plug in the charge port, allowing nitrogen into the shock through the hypodermic needle

Tech Info:

•  We recommend using extreme caution when using this tool

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