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Icon Alloys

Icon Alloys Bandit 20" Wheel

  • VENDOR: Icon Alloys
  • PART#: 6020105545BG
  • MSRP: Regular price $377.99
  • YOUR PRICE: $359.99


Icon Alloys' 20x10" BANDIT Wheel is offered in several bolt patterns with backspace and offset dimensions designed to provide a style that will turn heads. This wheel will give your vehicle a bold and aggressive stance.

This Icon Alloy wheel yield a beefy 2,750-lb load rating while retaining the strength that ICON Alloys is known for. Combining sharp lines, a concave spoke design, an extra deep lip, and style-focused dimensions, these wheels will increase both the form and function of your vehicle.


Icon Alloys' 20x10” BANDIT wheel has not only been engineered to enhance the overall look of your vehicle but the durability and ruggedness as well. Available in Gloss Bronze, Gloss Black, and Gun Metal finishes, the BANDIT has a classic style with the strength to match. With looks and build features such as these, it's clear that a set of ICON Alloys BANDIT wheels is the perfect complement to your lifted truck, Jeep, or SUV.


6020105545GB GLOSS BLACK 5 x 150 4.5" -24mm 110.1mm
6020105545BG GLOSS BRONZE 5 x 150 4.5" -24mm 110.1mm
6020105545GM GUN METAL 5 x 150 4.5" -24mm 110.1mm
6020106345GB GLOSS BLACK 6 x 135 4.5" -24mm 87.1mm
6020106345BG GLOSS BRONZE 6 x 135 4.5" -24mm 87.1mm
6020106345GM GUN METAL 6 x 135 4.5" -24mm 87.1mm
6020107345GB GLOSS BLACK 5 x 5" 4.5" -24mm 71.5mm
6020107345BG GLOSS BRONZE 5 x 5" 4.5" -24mm 71.5mm
6020107345GM GUN METAL 5 x 5" 4.5" -24mm 71.5mm
6020108345GB GLOSS BLACK 6 x 5.5" 4.5" -24mm 106.1mm
6020108345BG GLOSS BRONZE 6 x 5.5" 4.5" -24mm 106.1mm
6020108345GM GUN METAL 6 x 5.5" 4.5" -24mm 106.1mm