Lazer Face Series Clear Z.87 Safety Glasses

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A special edition Lazer Face, featuring a completely clear build - No tint whatsoever means these are perfect for the job site all the way back home to the garage.

Heat Wave is extremely proud to introduce the latest in Highly Visual™ technology: The Lazer Face. An ultimate statement piece for those who seek to build their own future. Utilizing a single cut lens structurally supported by a durable composite sub-frame, the Lazer Face melds state-of-the-art eyewear technology with the futuristic visions of our youth.

Custom stainless steel hardware firmly secures a 2.0mm thick, shatter-resistant lens that meets ANSI Z.87 Mass Impact requirements to the sturdy polycarbonate subframe. Each Lazer Face lens offers complete UVA/UVB 400 protection - paired with its increased wrap around field of vision, the Lazer Face gives you unparalleled clarity and protection from the elements and more.


  • Meets ANSI Z87 mass impact requirements*
  • Includes Microfiber bag
  • Black sub-frame and arms with metal inlay logos
  • Fully Customizable with our extra Arms*
  • No tools or hardware required for customization

Removing arms and or changing configuration voids z87 compliance.