Evans Water Coolant

Evans Arctic Plus Engine Coolant

  • VENDOR: Evans Water Coolant

  • PART#: EVN-EC61201

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Evans Arctic Plus Coolant (APC) is a low vapor-pressure coolant, with an atmospheric boiling point of 150°C (302°F). It remains a liquid down to -55°C (-67°F) and is an effective coolant for regions that experience very low temperatures. Snow machines using conventional water-based coolants require a constant spray of snow on their heat exchangers in order to prevent boiling. With the absence of snow, the engine will boil over, pushing coolant out of the cooling system. The boiling point of Evans APC is so high that boiling and high pressure will not happen, regardless of snow or no snow on the heat exchanger. All it takes is a cool day. The liquid coolant remains incontact with all of the cooled surfaces of the engine, preventing damage to the engine.

Mining frequently takes place where either high or low ambient temperatures force compromises on equipment use. The same coolant, Evans APC, offers low temperature protection to an engine for mining equipment, and also provides a reserve capacity for that engine at elevated temperatures.

Evans APC features a nitrite-free dual carboxylate formulation that minimizes corrosion. Its electrical conductivity ismuch lower than traditional glycol-water mixtures and its VLW technology (patent pending) delivers a reduced viscosity. These features have expanded the use of Evans APC beyond arctic applications to such coolant uses for electronic circuits and for maintaining battery temperatures in electric vehicles.