'99-18 Toyota Tundra Antenna Camera Mount

  • VENDOR: CravenSpeed
  • PART#: CS-AA894
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CravenSpeed took their Stubby antenna and turned it into an awesome camera mount for a 1999-2018 Toyota Tundra. They made it easy to capture great views of your driving exploits. Their new antenna mount installs in seconds without tools. Just remove the Toyota antenna by hand and screw in our GoPro mount. It uses a ball style tripod mount, so adjusting the camera angle is a cinch. Just loosen the knob and you can put the camera at any position you want. It's built with the same CravenSpeed quality that we make all of our products with, so you can trust that it will stay secure and last forever.


It also bolts to your Tundra rather than relying on an old worn out suction cup that is easily foiled by gravity or dirt. Your camera will never fall off, and your mount will never break.


The mount will work with all GoPro models and any small (<1lb) camera with a standard tri-pod receiver. CravenSpeed has tested to make sure it fits any Toyota Tundra from 1999-2018

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