BuiltRight Industries

'20-Current Jeep Gladiator Utility Rail System

  • VENDOR: BuiltRight Industries
  • PART#: BR-102120
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $275.00


The 2020 Jeep Gladiator did not come with a utility rail system from the factory. Thankfully BuiltRight Industries has produced a high quality affordable solution. Jeep owners can now install a bed rail system without breaking the bank. 

BuiltRights Goals for this product:

  • Fit using only the factory-provided mounting features in the bed
  • Match the depth of the Mopar kit, so that most/all accessories would fit both systems
  • Allow accessories to be easily attached without sliding a t-slot nut in from one end

Each Kit Includes:

  • (2x) Side Rail
  • (1x) Front Rail
  • (6x) End Cap
  • (12x) M6x1.0 Bolt