SB Tanks

'17-22 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Short Bed S&B 60 Gallon Fuel Tank

  • VENDOR: SB Tanks
  • PART#: 10-1004
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $1,249.00


Want to be able to go almost 290 miles further than you can now with your Ford? This replacement tank adds 20 gallons to your current fuel system to ensure you can go further than before with this tank.

The stock tanks on Super Duty's in this year range only hold an average of 40 gallons. It's engineered to fit around the drive shaft so that it can have maximum clearance, even if your truck has a lift on it. This tank includes anti-wave baffles at the middle that prevents fuel from sloushing back and forth.The reason for this is to help compensate for the larger capacity of fuel in the tank. Another feature of this fuel tank is S&B's integrated fuel sump. In the past, owners would have to cut a fuel in the bottom of the tank in order to add the sump kit. With this product all that needs to be done is a simple 5/8" hole gets created and you are ready to plumb directly into that hole.


  • 2017-2022 F250 & F350 Super Duty Power Stroke Diesel Engines, Short Bed, Crew Cab Trucks Only

This design includes a front cradle support built into the tank itself for easier install. What the cradle does is attach directly to the frame and holds up the front part of the tank.The cradle is better than the normal straps because it decreases the chance that a rock or some other debris can come up and rip off the strap resulting in a loss of a fuel tank. S&B engineered this tank to be able to even work with an aftermarket lift pump, making it adaptable to any system your truck might have. Even if you do not have an aftermarket lift pump, you can still maximize fuel usage overall. The reason for this is the recessed area located at the bottom of the tank that sits right under the OEM sending unit. This fuel tank is created to be able to contour around the driveshaft for ease of install purposes. According to S&B installation should only take 2-3 hours as it does not require any cutting or drilling. After installing, the computer will have to be reprogrammed either at the dealer or with a scanner to ensure the correct distance to empty.


  • 36 gallons larger than stock
  • Engineered for accessibility
  • Adaptable for even lifted trucks
  • Comes with hardware to install