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Oasis XD3000 Heavy Duty High Performance Air Compressor

  • VENDOR: Oasis Manufacturing

  • PART#: OASIS-XD3000-12

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    YOUR PRICE: $1,699.00


The XD3000 extended-duty air compressor combines all of the rugged compressor features found in our regular 3000 series. With its dual-ring, oil control pistons, our XD3000 extended-duty DC air compressor significantly reduces oil bypass into the air supply. This DC air compressor model also employs a commercial grade 12 VDC motor equipped with a cooling fan that dramatically extends run-time by reducing heat buildup in the motor.
Designed for extended run cycles, our XD3000 extended-duty DC air compressors are GSA approved and work well for applications requiring heavy-duty, continuous use


PART# Nominal Operating Voltage Current at Max Load (Amps) Power at Max Load (Watts) Duty Cycle @ 100 psi @ 70 deg
XD3000-12 12 Vdc 180 2160 100%
XD3000-24 24 Vdc 90 2160 100%