Camburg Engineering

86-96 Ford F150/Bronco Camburg Race Spindles with Billet hubs

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering

  • PART #: CAM-110095

    Your PRICE: Regular price $2,900.00

Available for 1989-1997 Ranger and 1987-1996 F-150. These new race spindles replace the weak link in the front suspension, NO STOCK BALL JOINTS! Camburg replaces these with 1 uniballs and heat treated stainless steel spacers with through bolts with cam kit locking design so you will no longer have lost cam kits.


  • Fabricated spindles
  • 2.0 race hubs
  • Rotor hats
  • Wilwood 12"x0.81 rotors
  • Superlite 4 piston calipers
  • Brake pads and hardware