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'20-Current Jeep (JT) Gladiator Trail Dash 2-42051-JT

  • VENDOR: Superchips

  • PART#: SC-42051-JT

    MSRP: Regular price $687.95

    YOUR PRICE: $618.95


42051-JT-Designed for the 2020-Current Jeep Gladiator (JT) Superchips TrailDash2 PN 42051-JT is a PCM swap SKU that includes our bypass module. The TD2 delivers tremendous power paired with the innovative gauges and screen layouts to manage, monitor, and enjoy the driving experience. In addition to being first to market, with pre-loaded programming for the 2020 JT Gladiator, Superchips is pleased to continue extending the most meaningful options and expandability all in one, on-dash device. Remember, the 2020 JT Gladiator does require a PCM process and a unique set of steps required before tuning. It is extremely important you review and understand the steps required before you enjoy the tremendous power and functionality now available for the JT Gladiator with TD2 PN 42051-JT.


  • Color Screen
  • Custom Background/ MyStyle
  • Color Touch Screen Display
  • Video Capable
  • Screen Auto-Dim
  • Compatible with Expandable Accessory System (EAS)
  • Alerts and Records
  • Performance tests
  • Custom Pod/Mount Available
  • Display True Speed on Monitor
  • Speedometer Correction
  • Tire Size - 20'' - 44''
  • Axle Gear Ratio - 2.0-10.0
  • Speed Limiter - 97-140
  • Rev Limiter - -500, +500
  • TPMS Threshold Adjust
  • Idle UP
  • Sway Bar Disable
  • Daytime Running Lights Adjust - High, Low, Turn, Fog, Euro, None
  • Data Acquisition
  • DTC Read & Clear
  • Internet Updateable
  • Performance Tune(s)
  • Tow Tune
  • Crawl Tune
  • Economy Tune
  • TPMS On/Off Available (Download Required) Adjust feature only available on TrailDash/TD2
  • Performance 93 29HP 37TQ
  • Performance 91 25HP 29TQ
  • Performance 87 17HP 18TQ
  • TPMS Adjustment - 22-64 PSI
  • EO Number - Pending
  • Auto Start Stop

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