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'17-Current Ford Raptor Long Travel Air Bump Stop Kit

  • VENDOR: Camburg Engineering
  • PART#: CAM-110178-1
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $1,970.00


Adding bump stops to your Camburg long-travel kit for the 2017-Current (Gen2) Ford Raptor is easy with our bump stop kit since the lower arm is already tabbed for it.

This is designed for Camburg's custom FOX 2.5 bump stops that work more like an air shock. Camburg has spent extensive time testing getting these dialed in for their long travel kit. These air bumps are cerakoted gray which is a high performance ceramic coating used in FOX’s trophy truck race shocks. Camburg supplies aircraft AN bolts for the upper and lower mounts that have the proper grip/shoulder length for maximum strength. They also include bolt-on brackets to relocate the driver-side ABS module and passenger side wiring harness at the frame for proper clearance and routing.

Adding a bump stop to our long-travel kit adds a ton more control and bottoming resistance. This allows for a soft plush ride through the small stuff that doesn’t bottom out easily through the bigger hits and g-outs. This is great add-on to our long-travel kit. For more serious off-roading add our bypass shock kit as well.


  • Weld-on upper bump stop mounts
  • FOX 2.5 bump stops
  • Machined Slapper arms
  • ABS module relocation bracket (driver side)
  • Wiring harness relocation bracket (pass. side)
  • Grade 8 and AN hardware


  • Welding is required to install the bumpstop mounts
  • Mounts come raw as they need to be welded on. We recommend spraying them with black Steel-IT after welding.

'17-Current Ford Raptor Long Travel Air Bump Stop Kit

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