CBI Off Road

'16-Current Toyota Tacoma CBI Off-Road Overland Full Skid Plate Kit

  • VENDOR: CBI Off Road
  • PART#: 300-000-010-062
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $920.00
CBI OFF-ROAD LEAD TIMES:  Currently, CBI Off-Road is experiencing extended lead times on select CBI Off-Road products. These lead times can range from one-six months.
  • I understand and aware that CBI products have an extended lead time and that any quoted lead time is an estimate.


CBI Off-Road's 3rd Gen Toyota Tacoma overland full skid plate kit are a great option to offer extra protection for the drive-train on your Tacoma. You can choose from just the front skid to a full skid that protects all the way back to the t-case

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