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Hitchgate Solo Series

  • VENDOR: Wilco Offroad

  • PART#: Wilco-UHG32130

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When it comes to strength and weight, the Hitchgate™ Solo packs a powerful punch. With the same tow rating as its bigger siblings and the capacity to carry a 35-inch tire (on a mid-sized truck), the Solo is ready for whatever the adventure calls for. The Hitchgate Solo was designed to go lean and low on the next adventure while still being prepared. The Hitchgate Solo’s reduced weight is perfect for those looking to carry a 35-inch  (on a mid-size vehicle) or smaller spare tire, and Rotopax fuel cans.

Not only is weight reduced, but so is the overall height of the horizontal support arm which sits 4″ lower than a Hitchgate Classic or MAX. By relocating the truck mount at the *same level* as the vehicle’s receiver hitch, the Solo is uniquely designed to accommodate vehicles that have a tight clearance between the rear hatch/door and the receiver (Ex: Sprinter, Renegade, Tahoe, Grand Cherokee). The Hitchgate Solo is also a phenomenal candidate for Subaru (see Fitment section below) and any vehicle where every pound counts. 

The Hitchgate Solo spare tire carrier universally fits on almost all vehicles with a Class III/2″ hitch receiver. This swing-away, spare tire carrier mounts to any 2-inch, Class III hitch receiver and is perfect for SUVs, Jeeps, vans and pickups. This tough tire carrier secures up to a 35-inch spare tire (on mid-sized vehicles) while maintaining ground clearance with minimal change in departure angles when driving off-road. Release a single latch pin and it opens wide for full access to the vehicle’s cargo space. NOTE: Solo sits level with vehicles receiver hitch.

The Hitchgate Solo line  is tow-rated at 7,500 lbs (max trailer weight) and 750 lbs (tongue weight). *These limits may be more than your vehicle’s capacity. ALWAYS stay within the limits of your vehicles tow/tongue ratings)* The tire carrier is rated for 150lbs of total weight. If your tire and wheel reach that limit, you won’t be able to carry any fuel or tools

3 Solo Models to choose from:

  • Hitchgate Solo Standard UHG32130 sits at hitch height and is 25″ wide on the support arm. If your hitch is near your rear hatch, probably a good choice.
  • Hitchgate Solo *High Clearance*  UHG33187 is a Solo Standard with the horizontal support arm moved 4″ higher. If your hitch is under your bumper/body, probably a good choice.
  • Hitchgate SoloXL UHG32206 is a mirror image of the Solo but is 5″ wider. This allows full-size trucks to carry up to a 35″ tire + and allows full-size vans to open their doors past 90 degrees.