Expedition Essentials

'13-18 Ram Trucks Powered Accessory Mount

  • VENDOR: Expedition Essentials
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Expedition Essentials Ram Powered Accessory Mount (RAMPAM) for 2013-2018 Ram full size trucks.
The RAMPAM is a solid, versatile and modular mounting system consisting of a base mount that is a solid platform for mounting electronic accessories and optional End Caps that are an aesthetic enhancement and well as providing two additional Amps Pattern mounting locations.
The base model include a 13” Rammounts Tough Track , mounting locations for two Amps Pattern ball mounts and a flush mount USB Fast Charger from Expedition Essentials.


As an upgrade to the base mounting system we have designed and have available: accessory end Caps for this mounting system, these end caps are easily installed and as specified above include two more mounting locations for ball mounts


The RAMPAM is made from .100 Aluminum, includes threaded inserts for mounting AMPs pattern ball mounts and the included RAMMOUNTS Tough Track.
The RAMPAM is a semi technical install, requires drilling and basic wiring knowledge for installation of the included USB Fast Charger.