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07-Current Toyota Tundra X4 Revolver Tonneau Cover

  • VENDOR: BAK Flip

  • PART#: BAK-79409

    MSRP: Regular price $1,102.87

    YOUR PRICE: $1,019.88


PREMIUM MATTE BLACK FINISH: Providing all the great features of the Revolver X2, the Revolver X4 now has an upgraded, premium vinyl overlay with a matte black finish.
NO VELCRO OR SNAPS: Operating like a roll-up tonneau cover, the Revolver X4 takes it step further and works without Velcro or snaps. The end result is a flush fit, no-hassle design.
100% BED ACCESS: Simply roll the cover to the front of the bed to make full use of the truck bed. The cover can be driven in the open position by securing it with both buckle straps. The rear view mirror can still be used while the cover is open.
SIMPLE TO USE: One-hand operation is attainable with the pull cable release. This can be used from either side of the bed to open the cover. The automatic slam latches will secure the cover at the rear when closed.
WEATHER RESISTANT DESIGN: The Revolver X4 uses weather resistant seals along the sides of the cover to create a strong seal to the bed of the truck. The vinyl overlay creates a one-piece design so water and debris can’t make its way through the aluminum slats.