DC Power Engineering

07-Current Toyota Tundra 270 AMP XP High Output Alternator

  • VENDOR: DC Power Engineering
  • PART#: DC-13994-270-XP
  • YOUR PRICE: Regular price $629.95


The Large Case Denso Hairpin 270 Amp XP series high output alternator is a component of a next generation high efficiency, severe duty charging system specifically engineered for DC Power Engineering. This system consists of a 270 Amp alternator and internal regulator. The alternator produces a maximum of 270 amps and will produce a minimum of 170 amps continually at low idle speeds and maximum output above 1800 engine RPM. The alternator has a maximum efficiency in excess of 75 percent. The rectifier is mounted onboard the alternator and consists of 12 50 amp press fit diodes. The brush holder assembly and slip ring are environmentally protected and the bearings are heavy-duty, oversized premium bearings. The alternator housings are precision-machined cast aluminum and all components are of OEM quality. All major components being carefully chosen for maximum performance and reliability.

  • Mounting Type: Direct fit to OEM Mounting
  • Output Voltage: 14.4
  • Idle Amperage: 200
  • Hot Idle Amperage: @ 200ºF 180
  • Max Amperage: 270
  • Hot Max Amperage: @ 200ºF 250
  • Pulley: 8 Groove Hard Anodized 6061 Billet Aluminum Doesn't affect vehicles PCM, Check Engine Light or Charge Light Yes - Direct plug-in OEM PCM Compliant
  • Stator Configuration: 6 Phase Hairpin
  • Average A/C Ripple Current: 3 Amps
  • Positive Output Stud Size: 8MM x 1.25 Copper
  • Temperature Compensation: Yes with 3-Step Thermal Protection
  • Rectifier: 12 50 amp press fit diodes
  • Rectifier Heatsink: Aluminum