Indeflate Four Hose Unit

  • VENDOR: Indeflate
  • PART#: INDF4
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The Indeflate Four Hose Unit is a device used to rapidly INflate and DEflate four tires at once with ease. Proudly made in South Africa, Indeflate is mil-spec anodized and constructed from CNC-machined aluminum.

Simply slide the patented dump valve to deflate your tires, and keep an eye on 100 PSI gauge. Indeflate equalizes the pressures of the connected tires, and makes quick work of INflating them back to standard pressures.

Each Section Of Hose Is 10ft

A high-end, high CFM compressor to use with this four-hose unit is recommended.


  • DEflates 4 tires simultaneously and rapidly using our patented pressure release technology.
  • INflates 4 tires simultaneously from your air source.
  • Automatically equalizes the pressure of both connected tires.
  • Has a 100 PSI gauge for convenient monitoring whilst inflating or deflating.
  • Inflate tires from your spare wheel in an emergency.
  • Precision engineered aluminum body makes it highly durable.
  • Works with C02 and Powertanks.


  • 1x - InDeflate 4-Hose Unit
  • 1x - InDeflate branded heavy duty canvas storage bag
  • 1x - InDeflate Hook to hang the unit on vehicle during use