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Happy April Fools Day from SDHQ! The 2017-Current (Gen2) Raptor implements an electronic power steering system. Look at the bright side at least we didn't ask you to walk into the local auto parts store and ask about "Blinker Fluid" Nevertheless, while we have you here take a look at some of our SDHQ Built Products for the Gen2 Raptor! '10-Current Ford Raptor SDHQ Built ABS and Vacuum Guards $89.95 '17-Current Ford Raptor SDHQ Built In Bed Chase Rack $1,250.00 '17-Current Ford Raptor SDHQ Built A-Pillar Light Mounts $144.95 '17-Current Ford Raptor SDHQ Built Upfitter to Switch Pros Conversion Mounting System $84.95 '17-Current Ford...

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